+ What are CPCB-II norms' on Emission ?
Ans :CPCB-II is the next level of emission norms after CPCB-1 with significant reduction in emissions for Diesel Engines used in Generating sets upto 800 KW.(CPCB means Central Pollution Control Board).
+ Difference between CPCB-1 & CPCB-2
Ans :Main pollutants in Engine emission are : (1)(NOX) nitrogen Oxide and (2) Particulate Matter (PM).
+ Why new norms ?
Ans :To meet global emission standards. To protect lives of all living beings . These are cleaner & greener ways of Generating Power.
+ The changes In product
Ans :PM & NOX cause maximum pollution . More oxygen in engines & higher combustion temperature in engine result in more production of PM & Nox.

So inside cylinder, temperature has to be reduced In engine. Less Oxygen reduces NOX . Both these are achieved in CPCB II . But reduction of inside temperature & Oxygen means the efficiency is sacrificed and fuel conversion efficiency reduces. Thus diesel consumption increases. Balancing the emission & yet retaining the diesel consumption is the innovation in CPCB II Gensets.
+ What happens to pending orders of CPCB – 1 ?
Ans :These will all have to be modified to CPCB II , at new prices. The Engine manufacturers now supply CPCB II Engines. There will be commercial changes. Since supply of CBCB II Engine is just started, the delivery in June July will be lesser , gradually becoming normal in Aug Sep.
+ The Competition
Ans :Many of our competitors are not yet equipped for supply of entire range form 10 to 2000 KVA with CPCB II Complaint Engines . They have some ratings available, but their diesel consumption is higher.
+ Do not buy CPCB- I now, even if it is cheaper
Ans :Do not sacrifice health of your team and family . Inhale pure air, less PM & low NOX. In any case , one should buy latest technology, as Genests run for years . The old CPCB I will have less resale value as well. Govt. has prohibited its sale after 01.07.2014 by any one. In fact the rules as of now state that no one can use the CPCB I Gensets after 1/7/14, but Govt is expected to give clearance to the present users, but new sale will become illegal from 1 July 2014.
+ What has changed in our Engine
Ans :The CPCB II norms are achieved by adopting direct continuous EGR & inter cooler with appropriate combustion and optimizing the fuel pump in a cost effecter manner. It ensures the diesel consumption doesn’t go significantly higher
+ What is EGR
Ans :This is Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.

Here a part of Exhaust Gas in rerouted into combustion chamber. This Leads to lower peak combustion temperature , which in turn reduces NOX. The NOX emissions are created at higher combustion chamber temperate of 2370 dag C. EGR pumps Exhaust air into chamber with much lower oxygen that cools chamber and produces less NOX . Without Oxygen , the temperature is less then NOX produced are also less. You get clean exhaust air in the process.


Let us know how much electricity we consume ,by using following devices in our day to day usage. By knowing your consumption,you can help save electricity.

Power  Category 

Emission Limits  (g/k W-hr)

Smoke Limit
(light absorption coefficient , m -1

NOx + HC



Upto  19 KW





More than 19 KW upto 750 KW





More than  75 KW upto 800 KW